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Embutidos Montsa S.A.

We are a company with a family tradition, founded in 1984, Olot (Girona).  The company is within La Garrotxa, a territory famous for its renown within the meat industry and the traditions involving butchers and elaborated meats. We specialized as a company in the production, elaboration, and commercialization of Serrano ham, under different kinds of presentations.

We work every day to satisfy the needs of our clients, offering a wide variety of competitive products with full warranty of compliance with all the specifications, codes, laws and legal formalities applicable. We have our vast experience, distinguished product quality, and efficiency of our product processes to endorse us. Meanwhile, always caring and respecting the environment.

Our products

We offer a selection of the best hams regarding category, reserve, and selection or pressed. Our catalogue includes the whole piece (with or without leg), halves, quarts, blocs, and a wide range of sliced ham with a variety of presentations and weights ranges.



All hams



All slices

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is aimed at satisfying the need and expectations of each and every client, and also to producing safe and harmless products. Respecting and preserving the environment that surrounds us. To this end, we establish, declare and assume the principles developed in order to achieve continuous improvement.