Embutidos Montsà, S.A. Company was founded in 1984 in Olot (Girona). This is one of the areas with the biggest tradition in this sector, with fabulous surroundings and the natural environment: The Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa. Furthermore, the good quality of the products of Embutidos Montsa, S.A. originates in the meat processing traditions of our ancestors of the Catalan Pyrenees.

This is a family-owned company, and most of its activity is focused on processing and selling the Serrano Ham.

Embutidos Montsà, S.A. has developed a variety of sliced and sealed products to be distributed in supermarkets as well as in the hotels, restaurants and catering.

Nowadays we export to France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Our cured ham is sold in several delivery chains in these countries.

Embutidos Montsà, S.A. aims to be respectful with the environment. Therefore, we built a purifying plant in order to deal with the sewage we generate in the processing of our products.

At the moment, our main objective is to improve the satisfaction level of our clients. We want to achieve that with a variety of competitive products, fulfilling all sort of established specifications, codes, norms or legal qualifications.

Embutidos Montsà, S.A.
Embutidos Montsà, S.A.  Embutidos Montsà, S.A.  Embutidos Montsà, S.A. 

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